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Bert simplifies and brings the basics of financial planning to all, not just the wealthy and elite. Bert’s real-life solutions to clients’ problems, his reputation as a leading authority and tireless proponent of ethical financial planning, as well as his valuable work as a coach, continues to have a major impact on the financial world.

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Bert Whitehead

The System

Bert helps us analyze our core beliefs (financial dysfunctions) that may be blocking our path to financial peace of mind. Then he explains how we must base our financial decisions on endogenous factors (e.g., our stage of life, occupation, marital status) rather than on the exogenous factors (e.g., world affairs, interest rates) touted by financial gurus and pundits in the media.

He developed Functional Asset Allocation (FAA) for use in diversifying asset classes for real people, which includes real estate. In contrast to modern portfolio theory, FAA integrates holistic fee-only financial planning for all of us who must work for a living and accumulate and invest sufficient capital to fund our own retirement. Learn More »